Vision Statement

Building a community free from humiliation and indignity for widows, and promoting social justice in Tanzania.

Mission Statement

Combating humiliation and injustice to widows through legal services and encouraging social support networks.


The objectives for which the Organisation is formed are to:
Provide free legal services to widows;
Combat humiliation of and injustice to widows, especially in land and inheritance matters,within a culture that denies widows their rights;
Educate the public by raising awareness on the legal rights of widows through the media, workshops, publications and drama;
Provide comprehensive counselling services to widows through the Kibada Widows’ Voice – a team of experts in clinical psychology, special education, psychiatry, and rehabilitation;
Work and communicate with a variety of government institutions, public and private organisations, international communities, religious institutions, community-based organisations, volunteers, statesmen, and individuals internally and externally to seek advice and donations for implementing various projects for widows’ development;
Sensitize the community on social justice;
Promote gender issues and justice for all; and
Undertake, promote, assist and participate in research projects to help widows realise their rights.